Avoid Wasteful Auto Direct Mail Promotions

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Avoid Wasteful Auto Direct Mail Promotions

You’re in the business of making money, right? That’s the whole point. So, when you spend money on your marketing campaigns – particularly automotive direct mail – you’re spending that money to drive up sales, no?

Ask yourself: is it time to shake things up?

Unfortunately, so many direct mail campaigns are wrote – they’re just something dealers have always done and will always continue to do. They look the same and say the same thing. The problem with this is, promotions that have worked in the past aren’t always right for the future. Plus, creating successful campaigns takes a lot of work, not only for the marketing firm, but also for you, the client. So, it’s not at all surprising or without merit that clients often try to repackage and repurpose old campaigns – it costs time and money to start fresh. Because of this, many campaigns lose their focus and sense of purpose and become more wasteful than useful.

Ask yourself: Are you spending money on results?

Take a moment to look at your automotive direct mail budget and compare that directly to the results you’re getting. If you’re paying for a campaign that doesn’t seem to be performing, perhaps you should go back to the drawing board. Maybe the market research isn’t stacking up. Perhaps you’re not targeting your demographics as powerfully as need be. Or, maybe your mailers just aren’t compelling enough. Whatever the case may be, continuing in business as usual mode probably isn’t going to improve things.

Ask yourself: Are you doing everything in your power to make your campaigns work?

Another mistake many dealerships make is to rely solely on the direct mailer or marketing campaign to get the job done. In today’s day and age, that’s a monumental mistake. A maximized marketing campaign also puts to work staff that’s in-house at the dealership as well. Involve social media – from the dealership page to Twitter accounts for the dealership and for individual agents. Have staff interact regularly with their best customers on a more personal level. Have your service department collect emails of customers and have them reach out as well. Be sure to have this outreach occur in conjunction with any large-scale direct mail promotions – this will help to ensure that when the mailer comes, your audience will be more compelled to take a second look.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.