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Direct mail is still a highly successful marketing channel for dealerships nationwide.

Special Finance

There are customers in your market that would buy today if they knew they were qualified. Others in your market are paying way too high of an interest rate. The fact is, you have many special finance opportunities in your market. By partnering with Experian, Equifax and Transunion, we can target these customers with a pre-qualified letter using one of our proven marketing campaigns.

Customer Database

You should be leveraging the power of your customer database to build targeted direct mail campaigns. At Xcel, we analyze your customer database (DMS) to create campaigns targeted to customers in a perfect position to trade their vehicle. Plus, we identify more opportunities for you by using our multiple data resources to find others in your market that fit your customer profile.


Event direct mail is known to fill showrooms. Our event campaigns do just that, but we don’t just send a mailer to everyone with an address. We work with you to target those within certain income levels inside your PMA. Our campaigns create excitement and our point of sale material provide a consistent message from the customer’s mailbox to your showroom.


Direct mail can be an effective way to promote your dealership’s service department and drive appointments. With targeted messaging and compelling offers, our campaigns can help you reach both current customers and potential new customers in your market. We can help increase loyalty among current customers and attract new ones to choose your dealership for their service and repair needs.

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Track Everything

Let us handle the calls

Even without a campaign running, managing the phones at some dealerships is a challenge.

When a campaign is running, it can make it even more challenging due to the influx of phone calls. Wasting leads over the phone is something you just can’t afford to do. We’ve built a call center that can assist you while a campaign is active. We’ll answer the phones, gather important information, set an appointment and then notify you instantly.

We love our dealerships

Ken Garff Automotive Group

They continue to offer innovative ideas, work closely with us to meet our needs and offer solutions to difficult direct mail needs.

Nissan of Salem

Our dealership has worked with Xcel for years. The products consistently produce results and the customer service is second to none.

DCH Montclair Acura

The key is in the data. Xcel Media is second to none when it comes to building the right audience and delivering at the right time.

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