5 Direct Mail Tips For Your Dealership

If one of your dealerships goals for 2012 was to enhance your marketing and advertising efforts, make sure you keep the following top 5 list of automotive direct mail tips in mind:
Tip #1: Proofread. We all make mistakes. So, make sure you do some due diligence to make certain that not only is everything spelled correctly but that it’s all in tip top shape grammatically. Sending out a direct mail piece with even the slightest mistake could turn many customers off, since they’ll just assume you’re unprofessional.
Tip #2: Say something. Filling a piece of direct mail with a lot of words, promises and fluff – even if it’s stunning to look at – doesn’t make it an effective use of the medium. Make sure you have some sort of a reason for sending the mailer – and that it’s evident to the recipient.

Mail, Redesign and Repeat

It’s a well-known fact amongst marketers that some prospective customers are tough nuts to crack. It could take as many as 7-10 persuasive interactions – from automotive direct mailers to radio and television ads, newspaper ads and social media outreach – before they’ll seriously consider giving you their business.
So, if you’re thinking that one truly amazing mailer will do the trick with the majority of your prospects, you are wrong.
That’s not to say that a single great auto direct mail piece won’t persuade a lot of folks to give you their business. It’s also important to note that if your amazing mailer is part of an overall cross-channel marketing blitz, that mailer could be one of the magic 7-10 interactions they’ll receive from you over the course of a few weeks and month.
Still, adding automotive direct mail into your marketing mix should be looked at as a long-running investment. Repetition is actually quite important in this business and we typically urge clients to send out repeat mailers to strong prospects at least once every two months.