Digital Dealer 13

Xcel Media Group is excited to be an exhibitor at the upcoming Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition running from October 23-25 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. After just 5 years, the Digital Dealer Conference has grown to become one of the industry’s premier networking and educational events. This year, Digital Dealer…

Avoid Wasteful Auto Direct Mail Promotions

You’re in the business of making money, right? That’s the whole point. So, when you spend money on your marketing campaigns – particularly automotive direct mail – you’re spending that money to drive up sales, no?
Ask yourself: is it time to shake things up?
Unfortunately, so many direct mail campaigns are wrote – they’re just something dealers have always done and will always continue to do. They look the same and say the same thing. The problem with this is, promotions that have worked in the past aren’t always right for the future. Plus, creating successful campaigns takes a lot of work, not only for the marketing firm, but also for you, the client. So, it’s not at all surprising or without merit that clients often try to repackage and repurpose old campaigns – it costs time and money to start fresh. Because of this, many campaigns lose their focus and sense of purpose and become more wasteful than useful.

Don’t Let Your Auto Direct Mail Take A Summer Vacation

With summer right around the corner, a lot of car dealerships run the risk of letting the sales season pass them right by. However, in spite of the natural inclination to take things easy over the summer months, it’s truly a mistake to assume that your potential customers are taking a vacation from buying. It’s also a mistake not to devote some time, attention, and ad dollars to summer automotive direct mail.
Sure, the bulk of your budget is already being held for the big push in November, and it should be. Still, your customers are not only spending a lot of money on travel and leisure, they’re also spending money on bigger buys like automobiles as graduation presents for high school and college. They’re even considering swapping old rides for more fuel efficient or family-friendly ones in order to take a big road trip. Plus, it’s important not to forget your service department, since many drivers will need to summer-ready their vehicles with everything from oil changes and tire rotations, to coolant flushes, air conditioning maintenance and repair and more. These are all great opportunities for automotive direct mail campaigns.

Surprise! Direct Mail Trumps Email in Popularity

In spite of the millions upon millions on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest and all of the countless marketing experts promoting social media as the number one way to go when it comes to any sort of cutting-edge outreach, according to a new survey, direct mail is still king.
55% percent of US consumers actually prefer direct mail to other marketing communications, including email and social media marketing – this, according to a new Consumer Channel Preference Study conducted this past December by the marketing firm Epsilon.
Over 2,000 consumers were polled and 60% actually said that they like to check their physical mailboxes and feel an “emotional connection” to physical mail.