Call Center

Even without a campaign running, managing the phones at some dealerships is a challenge.

When a campaign is running, it can make it even more challenging due to the influx of phone calls. Wasting leads over the phone is something you just can’t afford to do. We’ve built a call center that can assist you while a campaign is active. We’ll answer the phones, gather important information, set an appointment and then notify you instantly.

Watch the video to the right to see how it works.


Phone Scripts

Each of our campaigns are different and we have scripts for each campaign. We ask the right questions and make sure the customer understands what to expect.

Our call center representatives are professionals.

They know what to ask and when to ask it and can handle objections with solid rebuttals.


On every phone call the goal is to set the appointment. 

Our representatives develop rapport with the customer throughout the duration of the phone call to help us close the appointment. Each appointment is logged into UpDash automatically and can be viewed in a calendar view on the dashboard.

Instant Follow-Up

On each of our campaigns the customer can submit information online.

Many dealerships have difficulty responding to online inquiries in a timely manner. However, our representatives will respond to an online inquiry within just a few minutes of receiving it. Outbound phone calls are recorded in UpDash and you’ll be able to see our exact response time from lead submission to ensure we are following up properly.

Instant Notifications

When an appointment is set you will receive a notification via email of all the important details about the appointment. Your customer will also receive an email and a text reminder (if requested) of their appointment information and door-to-door directions to your dealership.

If an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled we’ll notify you instantly.

Missed Appointments

When an appointment is missed you can simply change the appointment status to “No Show” and it will instantly notify our representatives that a customer missed their appointment.

We will then start our follow-up process to reschedule the appointment and get the customer into your dealership.