Yes, Direct Mail Still Works – Here’s Why

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Yes, Direct Mail Still Works – Here’s Why

Sure, it’s “old-school” and might be considered by some cutting-edge marketing mavens to be “antique”, but when it comes down to it, automotive direct mail still works. In fact, automotive direct mail doesn’t fall prey to the Spam filter. It isn’t as in-your-face as the annoying sponsored ads in front of your favorite YouTube video. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to produce (or place) like a primo television spot in prime time. It isn’t struggling to catch on like the QR code.

So, why is there still so much talk of so-called “snail mail” becoming obsolete? We’ve long wondered this ourselves…and decided to list the top 5 reasons we believe direct mail will never lose is luster.

1. Automotive Direct Mail Always Gets To Its Target – Of course, it comes down to good design and writing to ensure it’s really looked at, but – unlike email which often goes right into the Junk folder or tv ads which get fast-forwarded through or ignored, direct mail always gets into the hands of someone in the target household.

2. It’s Affordable – Compared to many other marketing choices that automotive dealers have available to them, sending bulk automotive direct mail is really affordable – especially when you consider its pinpoint target accuracy.

3. They’re Easy To Personalize – Since you know the target, it’s easy to personalize an automotive direct mail piece. Add their name, speak to the make and model of their vehicle, send a mailer directly from the salesperson the target has worked with in the past – all of these things can help to ensure the prospect pays closer attention to the piece.

4. Direct Mail Campaigns Can Be Scaled Up/Down – If you want to target a particular type of customer with a campaign, you can easily do that with an automotive direct mailer. Just cull your target list to those who meet a particular set of criteria and cater to their needs. This can save you heaps of money and help to ensure you’re communicating relevant information to those who are most likely to act on it.

5. Automotive Direct Mail Can Boost Other Marketing – Remember, it can take multiple points of contact to get a message across. So, if you’re pushing a major sale or event across multiple outlets such as the web, print and broadcast media and billboards, sending automotive direct mail is just another powerful reminder to prospective customers that they should take notice. Plus, as mentioned before, automotive direct mail is going to – at the very least – reach your intended target. That’s something not all marketing modalities can claim.

A well-crafted and cleverly targeted automotive direct mail campaign is anything but “junk mail” – in fact, it can enhance sales through the roof if done right. Perhaps that why automotive direct mail pieces still number well into the billions every year and show no signs of slowing.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.