Why Direct Mail Is Essential To A Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Why Direct Mail Is Essential To A Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign

No matter how many new marketing modalities come onto the scene, automotive direct mail continues to prove itself as one of the most valuable tools in any car dealer’s arsenal. Why? For its ability to drive new sales.

Direct mail is not only something that prospects can see and feel, making it more real, it also has the potential to feel more personal than electronic marketing methods (ie: email). Also, because automotive direct mail is three-dimensional and can take multiple forms – from shapes and sizes to postcards, boxes and stuffed envelopes and even to scratch off cards and coupon books – the creative possibilities are endless.

So, as alluring as new marketing tactics might be, automotive direct mail is a critical component of any fully integrating marketing campaign.

Still aren’t convinced? Well, here are just a few more reasons why good old fashioned automotive direct mail are oh-so-critical in the modern age:

• Prospects can’t “opt out” of receiving automotive direct mail. Email communications and even social media communications can easily be hidden, blocked or relegated to the spam folder.

• Automotive direct mail can be extremely targeted and even downright personal. If you are pushing family cars, for example, you can perform demographic research on your prospects and opt to send mailers only to those who would be potential customers for that piece of your inventory.

• You can use automotive direct mail to drive more interaction and personal relationships with customers. Suggest prospects follow your Twitter feed for weekly or monthly service deals. Ask them to participate in a survey online or to contact a sales representative directly with any questions.

Bottom line, automotive direct mail is a valuable marketing tactic for the simple fact that it allows you to reach those who you might not otherwise reach. That’s essential for a fully optimized and integrated marketing mix – your customers all have different habits, likes and dislikes as far as communication. Meet them where they are – via mailbox, inbox, feed and broadcast – and you’ll ensure your message will always get through.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.