What Has Your Marketing Company Done For You Lately?

Xcel Media GroupBlog What Has Your Marketing Company Done For You Lately?

What Has Your Marketing Company Done For You Lately?

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Automotive sales are still relatively down in the dumps, which has left many dealers scrambling to find new and inventive ways to try and entice customers to make a visit and close a deal. Newspaper and television ads are just one piece of the puzzle, but for most buyers – especially new ones – it takes more to compel them to act.

Enter the automotive direct mail marketing firm. They promise stellar promotions and great ROI, but how many actually drive traffic to the promotional events they help to conjure up?

The Problem

The problem with many automotive direct mail marketing firms is their inability to effectively execute the services that they charge for. Really, what good is a direct mail campaign if the fliers and other promotional materials don’t get to the consumers at the right time – either way before an event or, in the worst case scenario, after the event has already come and gone?

Sadly, with budgetary constraints at the federal and local levels, delays with mail delivery are less and less uncommon. This means that consumers that may be waiting for a reason to buy their next car could be missing out on their local dealer incentives. Since an average dealership sale lasts a mere 5 days, it’s imperative that a dealership’s direct mail gets into consumers’ homes as quickly as possible.

Plus, with so much competition out there, it makes timing and effective marketing all the more critical. So, even after you’ve found a firm that can promise timely delivery of your automotive direct mail, it’s equally as critical that the campaign also be cleverly and thoughtfully designed with the consumer in mind.

The Solution

Fortunately, Xcel Media Group offers auto direct mail tracking and flawless execution plus award-winning design services. Not only do we work with the Post Office to ensure prompt delivery, we also track every mailing and report those stats to our customers on a daily basis. We have all of the resources and know-how you need to make your next automotive direct mail campaign a success.

So, instead of losing customers to the competition, isn’t it time you recover lost clients, do your best to keep the ones you have and get new ones? We can help!

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.