Trick or Treat – Promotions For A Spookily Successful Halloween

Xcel Media GroupBlog Trick or Treat – Promotions For A Spookily Successful Halloween

Trick or Treat – Promotions For A Spookily Successful Halloween

With Halloween upon us, now is the perfect time to conjure up some thematic promotions. Whether you send out a time-sensitive automotive direct mail postcard with Trick or Treat Giveaways for Halloween Weekend or run a promotional contest asking social media followers to send in photos of their cars, trucks and SUVs in costume, Halloween is a great time to grab some much needed attention.

More Ghoulishly Great Halloween Promotions:

1. A “Caption This” Contest – Post a funny photo on your social media portal of one of your salespeople in costume or something else ghoulish (but family friendly) and contextual to your brand or dealership and ask your followers to come up with a clever caption to encapsulate the scene. “Caption This” promotions are usually highly successful – especially on social media. They invite users to one-up each other and are usually highly engaging. If this is on Facebook, don’t promote it as an actual contest with a winner of a prize – since that goes against the site’s policies. The more responses you get, the more chances you have to up your social media presence and act on leads as we cruise into the new model year.

2. Have A Halloween Open House – Want to get your prospective buyers excited about the new models coming in? Invite them to a Halloween Open House. Maybe even turn your showroom into a Haunted House, if you have the time and creativity to spare. Decorate with thematic decorations, seasonal refreshments and have your staff dress in tasteful costumes to add to the fun.

3. Mark Your Business As A Trick-Or-Treating Destination – If your business is in a residential or semi-residential area, consider having it added to a list of safe and warm trick-or-treating destinations in town. Perhaps contact a local school or daycare and offer your office as a place to take younger kids for their treats – and to show off their costumes – during the school day. You’re not going to snag the kids as buyers, but you might just win favor among their parents – plus, it’s great fun for your staff.

Bottom line, people just love Halloween – it is a $7 billion holiday here in the US and growing every year. So why not cash in on the fun? Whether it’s drumming up new leads on social media or driving traffic into your service bays with automotive direct mail, there’s no reason this or any October should be DOA.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.