Top 5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is King

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Top 5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is King

While it doesn’t seem very “modern” or “cutting edge” in this era of electronic communication and constantly advancing technology, good old automotive direct mail is still one of the most powerful and potent marketing tools out there. Far from “junk mail”, well-crafted and targeted direct mail can actually drive sales – and lots of them. And, while there is always chatter of snail mail becoming obsolete, billions upon billions of pieces of automotive direct mail are sent out every year. With those sorts of staggering numbers, there’s absolutely no way the marketing industry – no matter how crafty and clever we are – could have so many clients convinced without delivering on promises.

Here are 5 reasons why direct mail will never go out of style.

1. Automotive Direct Mail Always Reaches Its Intended Target – Sure, some great design and writing also comes into play in order to ensure the mail is paid attention to, but unlike television or radio, where the channel can easily be changed, or email, which can be swiftly sent to SPAM, direct mail always lands in a mail box and has to be handled by the prospect.

2. Bulk Mailers Are Affordable – Compared to many other marketing modalities, particularly media buying, sending bulk automotive direct mail is surprisingly affordable.

3. Automotive Mailers Are Personal – Whether you’re writing to a customer by name or targeting them demographically, automotive direct mail is very easy to personalize. Just a side note about personalization: sending bulk mail to “current resident” as opposed to the actual individual themselves is very important to ensuring the prospect pays attention to the piece.

4. Direct Mail Campaigns Are Sizable – If you have a certain type of customer you’re looking to target, you can choose to only send automotive direct mail to someone who fits that specific criteria. Unlike mass media buys, this can be a great money saver for your campaign.

5. Automotive Direct Mail Can Bolster Other Marketing Efforts – If you’re pushing a major sale or event across multiple outlets such as the web, print and broadcast media and billboards, sending automotive direct mail is just another powerful reminder to prospective customers that they should take notice. Adding direct mail into the mix can also help to ensure your message is reached by prospects at all, since there’s no guarantee that any one marketing modality will get to every intended target.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.