Three Ways To Boost ‘Off The Street” Sales

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Three Ways To Boost ‘Off The Street” Sales

You’ve parked some of your best inventory out by the roadside. You’ve slapped big, bright price stickers on them – maybe some balloons. You’ve got arrows pointing drivers to come in from the highway and even some of those tall inflatable flapping tube men beckoning sales-seekers from far and wide.

So, why aren’t you getting as many “off the street” sales as you’d hoped?

Here are three key things to consider.

1. Does your prospective customer know you?

And, if they don’t know you, they’re probably not going to come to you for a large ticket item like a vehicle – perhaps not even for service. So, are you advertising enough in the area? And by “enough”, we mean across every modality you can to ensure your messages are being seen. Automotive direct mail, print, broadcast, social media, banner ads on the web, sponsored web search – a good mix of these is essential. In Marketing, there’s something called the “Rule of 7”, which, to put it simply, says that in order for a marketing message to stick, a prospect needs to be exposed to it roughly seven times.

2. Are you open when your customer wants to shop?

Banks are extending their hours to be more ubiquitously available and your business should too. More and more automotive dealerships are now open late on Saturday and even on Sunday. Plus, they’re extending their weekday hours for both sales and service. Now remember, if you’re going to extend those hours, make sure you advertise that fact to the hilt – on the web, on your automotive direct mail, in your email marketing and in your traditional media buys.

3. Is your business on Yelp!, Google Maps and Facebook?

If not, it should be. When your prospective customer is out and about and looking to test drive a new vehicle, chances are they’re going to look online to see where the nearest dealership is to them. So, you want your dealership to pop up in any search that they do – be it on Google or Facebook or if they fire up their favorite place-related apps like Yelp!, Superpages or Foursquare.

Just attending to these three things alone will go a long way toward jumpstarting your organic traffic. So, be ready – make sure your showroom is appropriately staffed, your floor plan is open and bright and there are plenty of beverages and brochures on hand to further reinforce the message that you mean business.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.