The Power Of A Deal – Embedding Coupons, Codes and Bargains Into Direct Mailers

Xcel Media GroupBlog The Power Of A Deal – Embedding Coupons, Codes and Bargains Into Direct Mailers

The Power Of A Deal – Embedding Coupons, Codes and Bargains Into Direct Mailers

You tell your prospects you are offering great deals on sales and service and perhaps you even show off a few in your automotive direct mailers, but did you know that adding a coupon or coupon code can actually make those deals more tantalizing? It’s all because you’re giving your customers something tangible and actionable.

So, why aren’t you using more coupons or coupon codes? Your competitors are.

Discounts, bargains and coupons are some of the easiest ways to attract and create loyal customers. Plus, it’s all about the perception that they’re getting a great deal. It doesn’t have to hurt you one bit. So, if your manufacturer is offering a promotion, you can easily fold it into a coupon direct mail campaign and, in essence, take a lion’s share of the credit.

There are a number of ways to get your coupons and codes out there but direct mail is certainly the most effective. There’s something about having a coupon and tacking it onto a bulletin board or the fridge or putting it into one’s purse or wallet – it’s empowering.

You can go the tried and true method of paper coupons, tear-offs or cut-outs in your automotive direct mail. You can incorporate a modern QR code into the mailer as well. You can ask customers to simply utter a special keyword or phrase when they come in to claim the deal. A combination of these methods is also quite easy to achieve. Plus, these coupons and codes can translate to broadcast and print advertising, be disseminated across social media channels and can even wind up in places like Groupon.

But, before you get all gung-ho about promotional couponing, realize that if you offer too many deals and steals by way of coupons and codes in your direct mailers, you might create a problem for yourself: the expectation of a discount or a deal whenever one does business with you. If you want that to be your reputation, by all means, send out coupons with every mail campaign.

Better yet, be as targeted and deliberate with your deals as you can. For example, offering a coupon code that’s redeemable only when attached to a larger, more lucrative purchase for you is a smart option (ie: free oil changes and milestone service with the purchase or least of a new car). And, if you run a sales or service promotion at strategic times of year – say at the end of fall – when you know a free oil change and tire rotation could lead to a winterizing up-sell  you will likely wind up making far more than you’re “giving away”.

Whatever you do, don’t make the potentially pricey mistake of offering completely strings-free freebies in your automotive direct mail. It’s not only a seemingly desperate attempt to draw in prospects, it’s one that will almost certainly backfire. The end result might be a few extra sales on top of a whole lot of freeloaders cashing in on freebies – freeloaders who have no interest whatsoever with hearing your sales pitch.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.