Strategic Data Drives Floor Traffic

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Strategic Data Drives Floor Traffic

In this month’s installment of posts, we’ve been talking a lot about data and how to leverage it to win more sales. In the dealership world, getting solid leads and acting on them is paramount. Just consider the fact that a mere decade ago, customers would visit nearly 7 dealerships before actually purchasing a vehicle. Today, that number is less than 2 on average.

So, what does that mean for you? First off, it means you need to know more about your customers before you even meet them. It also means that your sales staff has to be expert at “sizing them up” the moment they do meet a prospect. Finally, it means that your customers likely know you before they’ve even set foot in your showroom – because they’ve visited your website, browsed your Facebook page, read up about you on Google Reviews and even asked around to friends and colleagues for their thoughts on the matter.

To know more about your prospects, you can do a bit of direct marketing. With a bit of data mining on our part, we can drill down on who’s the most likely to visit your lot and make a sale. And, if you ask them to bring in a certain automotive direct mailer as a stipulation of a deal you’re offering, your sales team can immediately size them up as being interested.

Another great direct marketing strategy is with email. It’s a great way to bypass your prospects’ desire to go after data about you on their own by meeting them right at their inbox and driving them to precisely the sites you want them to visit.

So, do you have the data you need to get this done? How old is your email list? How organized is it? Do you know if the customers on those lists are active, inactive or somewhere in between? What sorts of communications are these customers most interested in receiving? Do they want more info on your service or your leasing and financing deals? Don’t know? We can help you wade through it all.

Once you are armed with the data – and you know what makes your customers tick – you can target them more effectively and drive more motivated traffic to your showroom. And, this data should be treated like a living thing – because, after all, it’s just a collection of names of living, breathing and evolving creatures. So, you’ll need to be open to collecting and recollecting this data on a regular basis in order to ensure you’re not wasting any efforts, like sending out automotive direct mail to a defunct address, or sending irrelevant info to a household whose needs have changed. In the end, the more effort you put into getting to know your customers, the less work you’ll have to put into marketing – since you’ll know who they are and what they want and need.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.