Social Media + Auto Direct Mail = Stellar Dealership Marketing

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Social Media + Auto Direct Mail = Stellar Dealership Marketing

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Stop Denying It

At this point, it’s downright impossible to deny social media’s marketing potential. Not only does it allow auto dealers and other marketing interests to connect with customers directly, if used to its fullest potential, it can help us to glean some pretty amazing information which we can then use to better target our most likely customers.

Look At All The Benefits

From Twitter and Facebook on to Google+ and even some of the blogging collectives like CafeMom, social networking is becoming a key component for effective dealership marketing efforts. The more we focus on social media, the more we stand to gain long-term and perhaps more personal relationships with our customers. Cultivating a social media presence lends a face to the name, be it on an individual sales associate level or on a full dealership level. For current and repeat customers, it allows us to connect directly in order to promote exciting new deals and promotions – making it a fantastic supplement to our auto direct mail efforts. Plus, by advertising our social media presence on our automotive direct mail, we stand to attract younger, web savvy customers looking to learn more about our business.

Another great thing about social media marketing is its potential to go viral. A great deal or compelling tweet, update or even video posting can make its way into the community like wildfire – all it takes is one or two current customers sharing it with their large network of friends, family and colleagues. This can also attract new business.

Social media can offer a great window into your community – on both a business and a social level. For example, if community outreach is something you feel your dealership lacks, social media is a great resource for getting involved. Social media is also an excellent resource for connecting with your community, to see what other businesses and entities in the community are doing and even to spy on the competition.

In the modern age, it’s not enough to rely on what’s always worked as a means of getting by. Marrying auto direct mail and social media, however, is a great marriage of the tried and true and the trendy. If the concept of social media marketing is intimidating, dip your toe into the water, see what others are doing by following their feeds and take the time to consider what marketing mix is right for you.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.