Shake Things Up This 4th of July

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Shake Things Up This 4th of July

If “Sizzling Sales Events” and “4th of July Buyback Extravaganzas” have been in your summer marketing mix for what seems like forever, maybe it’s time to shake things up, at least a little. Luckily, July 4th is the perfect “meme” upon which to build great automotive direct mail and marketing campaigns. Here are just a few ideas.

Be Patriotic – This might sound like a “duh”, but it’s not enough just to plunk a bald eagle, American flag and some red, white and blue onto your mailers and ads. Why not put a bit more power behind your patriotism? Perhaps promote a sales event where a percentage of your profits go to benefit the local VA? You could even create a fun tie-in where the sale of every red, white or blue car comes with a free gift – something as simple as a flag or even a bundle of LEGAL fireworks (think sparklers, not rockets) will do. Another great thing you can do is to sponsor your area’s biggest fireworks event (to learn even more about the power of off-site sales tactics, check out this month’s post on the topic).

Be Informative – If yours is an area with a lot of travel and tourism away from or through it, July 4th is definitely a big weekend for road trips. Why not use this as an excuse to share some important safety info with your customer base? Include a list of 5 easy ways to drive more safely during the summer season – perhaps tips you’ve pulled directly from local law enforcement or even the NTSB – in your summer service mailer. And, make sure one of those tips is encouraging a summer tune-up. This can not only help to drive sales – it could help to save lives.

Make It An Event – Summer means kids are out of school and the last thing kids want to do is spend time at your dealership (unless they’re newly licensed teenagers). Why not create an event either in your lot or at a larger lot like the local mall and rent a few fairway rides, hire some food vendors and set up some games? That way, the parents can shop for the vehicle they want (or have service done in your service bay) while their kids are thoroughly entertained.

Bottom line, the 4th of the July shouldn’t be yet another excuse to tout the same old specials and financing or leasing deals. The temperatures are on the rise, the sun is shining and everyone is feeling the excitement of summer. Capitalize on this and you’ll go a long way towards eradicating the typical late summer slump you’ve experienced in years past. Better yet, you and your staff could have a lot of fun doing it!

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.