Resolve To Get Creative With Direct Mail Marketing!

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Resolve To Get Creative With Direct Mail Marketing!

Automotive Direct Mail

Have you been using automotive direct mail for years? Is it getting sort of stale? Every year, with the same promotions, gimmicks, graphics and color schemes?

It’s time to get creative! Here are a few ideas to shake things up with your auto direct mail promotions in 2012:

People love free stuff. From free oil changes to a free iPad to a free Nav system with the purchase or lease of a piece of your inventory, you’ll likely get a lot of folks through the door with just the promise of freebies – especially the ones who have been on the fence about buying a car already. In addition, give them a chance to win a large prize like $25,000 cash or even a car directly from your inventory. Large prizes like this can be insured for a very small amount of cash and can make a huge impact. In fact, at two promotions last year we had winners of $25,000 cash. This resulted in wonderful local publicity for the two dealers!

No, by “personalization”, we don’t mean just having a computer insert a name conspicuously in a piece of mail. Personalization has to feel personal in order to really work these days. A lot of direct mail is actually trying to give a personal touch to communications in the form of “invitations”. Made to look a lot like a wedding invitation, with a sticker to seal a classy looking envelope, you can use an invitation for your auto direct mail purposes to compel prospects to come in to a special preview event for new inventory, for example. Another idea is to send existing customers invitations to come in and negotiate a trade. Invitations can even be used to compel your service customers to come in for a long overdue appointment.

Add a Key
Adding a key to your mailer can increase your response rate by a ton. Maybe you’ve already used a regular black headed key and think it’s become outdated. Well, you should check out the Intellikey or even better the all-new CodeKase. These keys are different and your market has never seen them before. Just sit back and watch your response skyrocket when using these new keys!

PURLs or Personalized URLs have been around for a while, but were very cost restrictive when they were introduced to the market. These days, PURLs are relatively inexpensive and will give your mail a surge in response that you’ll have to see to believe. Let’s face it; people love seeing their name in black and white. Plus, you can get really personal with PURLs nowadays even giving the visitor turn-by-turn directions to your dealership from their home!

Embrace Change
Bottom line, don’t assume that what’s always work will always work. Take a minute to reassess your direct mail efforts – and even scope out what the competition is up to. And, see what your marketing firm is offering up for the new year. Together, you’ll be able to come up with something uniquely reflective of your business that will get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.