Planning Q4 Direct Mail Campaigns

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Planning Q4 Direct Mail Campaigns

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The 2011 Holiday Mail Schedule

For most people, October is time to figure out Halloween costumes but for those of us in the auto direct mail world, it’s actually time to start planning our Holiday Delivery schedules.

Many auto dealerships hold big events in the weeks going into the Christmas holiday – taking full advantage of consumers already in the mood to buy. And, for those dealerships in the rust belt, early winter is a fantastic time to entice drivers to come in and take full advantage of all of the winterizing options available, from heating system checks to snow tire installations.

Still, holiday mail poses a substantial challenge without the proper planning. There is a considerable amount of volume to contend with that can slow down auto direct mail delivery. Our mailers have to share room in the postman’s satchel alongside catalogs, holiday cards and gifts. So, it’s important to time things right. To add even more of a challenge, there’s also the fact that there are more mail holidays to plan around and be aware of. Bottom line: 4th Quarter automotive direct mail campaigns are definitely the most challenging of them all.

Here are a few dates to be aware of going into the 2011 holiday mailing season:

Friday, Nov 11: Veteran’s Day. The post office is closed.

Wednesday, Nov 23: Thanksgiving Eve. While this isn’t an official post office holiday, many individual post offices and sorting facilities will close or close up shop early. It’s best to plan around this date as though it were a postal holiday.

Thursday, Nov 24: Thanksgiving Day. The post office is closed.

Friday, Nov 25: The day after Thanksgiving or ‘Black Friday’. The post office is open for business. However, other private senders like FedEx and UPS will be closed.

Saturday, Dec 24: Christmas Eve. The post office will not accept any mail drops. Mail delivery is scheduled officially, but many post offices suspend or shorten delivery schedules for the day. It’s important to check with the local post office in your area and to plan accordingly.

Sunday, Dec 25: Christmas Day. It’s a Sunday this year, so the post offices are all closed.

Saturday, Dec 31: New Year’s Eve. Some areas will accept mail drops and all should be delivering mail, though service will vary.

Sunday, Jan 1: New Year’s Day. This is also on a Sunday this year, so there’s nothing to plan around.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.