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Personalized Direct Mail Works

We all know direct mail works – otherwise, we’d have gone out of business long, long ago. But, what about personalized direct mail? Does the “Dear [insert name here] approach really work or are the customers hip to it? Well, yes and yes.

Mail in and of itself is inherently personal. It’s addressed to the recipient – usually, unless it’s mislabeled or sent to the lazy and completely impersonal “our customer at” or even worse, to the former resident “or new customer” at the address. And, mail usually comes to that recipient’s home – their sanctuary. How much more personal does it get than that? Plus, automotive direct mail, unlike robo calls, comes to the recipient on their own terms. They can set it down on the countertop and come back to it later, toss it in the recycling bin or read it immediately.  They can clip a coupon and tack it onto the fridge or they can hand it off to someone else in the household to deal with. That sense of control over the advertisement makes direct mail incredibly powerful.

Now, add to that some extra personalization – some targeting to the recipient directly – and you might be creating a really powerful marketing mix. But, it’s not enough to address the automotive direct mail piece correctly – but please, by all means, do! To really take direct mail personalization to the next level, you’re going to need to learn a bit more about what makes your prospect tick. Chances are, you already do…for example:

  • If you have a customer that comes to you consistently for service, consider targeting them with ultra personalized and customized direct mailers that speak about your upcoming service sales and deals.
  • If you have a prospect that’s been with you for an extremely long time, consider sending them an automotive mail piece that offers incentives for sharing their satisfaction story with others (ie: with every referral that leads to a lease or sale, we’ll give you 5% off your next service appointment).

Another great idea – to really demonstrate to the customer that you want to personalize – is to simply reach out to prospects with an automotive direct mail pieces that asks them, point blank, what they’re most interested in learning from you. Do they want insider access to upcoming sales? Are they looking for information on particular types of inventory? Do they like luxury, fuel economy or lots of integrated technology? We can help you drill down on some of the most effective questions to ask. You can also add a handwritten post-it note to the automotive direct mail piece or add customized service information that’s coming due.

Bottom line, personalizing works and automotive direct mail is easy to personalize. With a little time and not too much money, you can reach your customers more effectively and truly monetize your marketing dollars.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.