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Out Of The Junk Mail Pile

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The Keys To A Solid Direct Mail Campaign

The junk mail pile is something at the top of every auto direct mail marketer’s mind. While we know not all of our mailers will be welcomed into prospects’ homes, we expect each and every piece to do better than the last. So, how have we learned to keep so many of our automotive direct mail pieces out of the garbage/shredder/junk mail pile?

We focus on the needs and interests of the consumers.

Seems simple enough, right? If it were, we’d have far more competition. True automotive direct mail experts are not just advertisers, graphic artists, clever writers and designers – the best of the best are also amateur psychologists.

Getting into the mind of the prospective customer is key. Every piece of auto direct mail needs to quickly and succinctly convey a sense of urgency to pique interest. There also has to be a specific call to action, a theme to each mailer – and, every last piece of mail needs to adhere to the tastes, education level and culture of that customer group.

Luxury car dealers simply can’t use the same colors, form, fonts, graphics or language as a sports car dealer would. Dealers in rural areas need to use completely different tactics than urban sellers. Dealerships selling economy or utility vehicles need to work harder, ironically, to entice customer traffic and enthusiasm, often employing every last auto direct mail bell and whistle there is into their mailers – from contests and coupons to attached keys and more. Cars with cache, however, need only feed into the mystique.

From letters and postcards to coupon books and a whole host of other possible promotions, there are plenty of tools available in the automotive direct mail arsenal – but to stay out of the junk mail pile, you’ll need a savvy marketer by your side, getting into the minds of your customers, convincing them that what you have is also precisely what they want.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.