April 2014

The Motivational Power Of Free Gifts & Incentives

By |April 17th, 2014|

If you balk at the notion of giving something away to customers – particularly current ones – then you aren’t aware of just how effective free gifts and incentives are to positively impact traffic, brand awareness, brand loyalty and sales.

Sure, you’ll likely see a lot of gift seekers – those folks who’ll go to any length to get a freebie. However, empirically speaking, most people are lazy when it comes to shopping – and unless they’re at least a wee bit interested in visiting your dealership and checking out your offers in the first place, they’re not going to be compelled to do so for the free gifts or incentives alone. Those offers are, however, something that could put them over the top – compelling them to visit your dealership now as opposed to later.

One of the key considerations to make is a giveaway that is somehow meaningful to your customers and purposeful for your business. Merely giving away a big screen tv near a major national sporting event isn’t usually enough to drive [...]

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    Celebrate National Autism Awareness Month At Your Dealership

Celebrate National Autism Awareness Month At Your Dealership

By |April 7th, 2014|

April is National Autism Awareness month, and the perfect time for your dealership to do your part to not only raise awareness, but to provide stewardship for the cause in your community.

One of the easiest things you can do to raise awareness – and to tie your business to this important cause – is to turn one of your already scheduled Spring Sales Events into an Autism Awareness Event. Decide how much you’ll be donating and to whom and make that known on all of your month’s outreach, from social media posts to automotive direct mail and print ads. This tie-in can be as extensive or as limited as you like – from a mere awareness drive to a fully sponsored run, walk, golf tournament, auction or giveaway.

Another simple way to promote awareness is to add the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon – the most recognized symbol for the cause – to your website and social media pages, and your automotive direct mail. Be sure to make the logo clickable on your home page – [...]

March 2014

After The Long, Cold Winter – Consumers Are Ready To Buy

By |March 20th, 2014|

This winter’s record-setting cold left car sales with a 3 percent dent compared to last January – car buyers just weren’t braving the cold temperatures to close sales – and that’s left many car dealers more eager to make deals. One of the indicators of this trend is the recent impressive bump in sales over the slight heat wave that occurred across much of the Midwest and Northeast this President’s Day weekend.

If you’re hopeful – like so many automakers and car dealerships are – that customers are going to be ready to buy as the springtime thaw sets in, it’s time to get the lead out on your automotive direct mail marketing and advertising. Remember, yours is not the only lot in town with an abundance of unsold inventory – you’ve got plenty of competition and the dealerships in your area are probably just as apt to slash prices to entice consumers.

Since winter isn’t quite over yet for a good portion of the country, a good place to start is with your stock of [...]