Lucky 13 – Top Direct Mail Tips For 2013

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Lucky 13 – Top Direct Mail Tips For 2013

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day – we thought now would be the perfect time to help you take a closer look at your automotive direct mail marketing efforts.

So, in the spirit of turning over a new leaf and resolving to do better in 2013, we’ve created a handy Top 13 Direct Mail Tips for 2013. You might be using a lot of these tactics already. And, if there are a few you’re not, feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to help you take your direct mail to the next level in the year to come.

Top 13 For 2013 – Automotive Direct Mail Tips

1.     Use a call to action – There’s nothing worse than a confusing or aimless mailer. Tell your customers what they can or should do in order to take advantage of whatever it is you’re offering.

2.     Have a follow up plan – Sending out mailers to targets is just the beginning. Have a follow up plan in place to help ensure your message gets through.

3.     Design for your targets in mind – Cookie cutter design templates don’t always translate from demographic to demographic.

4.     Proofread – There’s perhaps nothing worse than an unintelligible automotive direct mailer. Worse still is a direct mail piece with tons of typos and spelling errors.

5.     Embrace change – Using the same direct mail pieces year in and year out is usually not a smart game plan.

6.     Promote a message that transcends design – It’s not enough to have an eye-popping mailer. The direct mail piece also has to say something.

7.     Don’t get too “cute” – Relying too much on a quirky turn of phrase or a gimmick could confuse or even confound the customer. Make sure your messages are clear.

8.     Establish your brand identity – Your design, logo and messaging should be clear, attractive and consistent across all marketing modalities.

9.     Plan for the full year and not just month to month – Direct mail campaigning is a year-round activity and should be planned for well in advance. Of course, be open and nimble enough to change your plans as the market changes.

10.  Send and repeat – Sending out just one direct mail campaign isn’t going to garner you the results you’re looking for. Repeat messaging is what gets a steady stream of new business. Don’t give up.

11.  Don’t let money stand in the way of marketing – Beware of getting stuck on the marketing budget. Sure, it can be intimidating. The key is to work to align your marketing strategies with your marketing goals. There’s a solution for every budget and a design for every need.

12.  Drive traffic to other portals – Automotive direct mail can do more than just drive traffic into your showroom. It can point prospects to your website, to your blog and to your social media portals as well.

13.  Integrate your messaging and marketing – Solid automotive direct mail campaigns should line up with all of your other marketing channels from broadcast and print to online. That way, no matter where your customer finds you, they’ll be met with your current promotions and brand identity.

Here’s To a Happy St Patty’s Day 2013!

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.