Investing In Direct Mail Increases Profits

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Investing In Direct Mail Increases Profits

By now, you probably have a handle on what automotive direct mail is – but are you a true believer in how it can increase your dealership’s bottom line? Well, used correctly, it absolutely can – but it’ll need to be informative, interactive, enticing and targeted in order to make its mark.

The automotive market is always selling. In spite of recent downturns, our society is one that’s quite literally driven to buy new and used cars on a consistent basis. So, they’re ripe for the picking. The key is to send out automotive direct mail that will drive them to your lot as opposed to someone else’s.

So, how can you make your automotive direct mail really pop? Well, first you need to consider your target customer. That’s where a marketing company like Xcel can really do you a great service. With reliable and vetted market demographics data, a marketing firm can help you to get to know your target market intimately – what makes them tick, who they are, what compels them to buy and so on. Armed with this information, a more effective automotive direct mail campaign can be designed. What works for one dealership doesn’t necessarily work for another. You’ll need to consider your dealership’s brand and reputation and the brand identities of the cars you sell as well. Don’t make the mistake of mimicking the competition’s tactics either. Not only could they not be taking into account all of the various market-specific factors, doing this could backfire on you for the simple reason that it doesn’t make your dealership stand out. The customer might just mistake your mailer for one from your competitor’s.

Your direct mail marketing efforts need to make your dealership stand out from the crowd. If you find out through market research that your best prospects are looking for great deals, then highlight those in your mailers. If they are looking for safety features and great service, point out how you deliver on those desires. And, if they want luxury, make sure your auto direct mail looks like a million bucks.

And, if you’ve been using automotive direct mail for a number of years and are starting to see fading returns, don’t blame the medium – blame the mailers themselves. So many dealerships make the mistake of doing what’s always worked for years and years. Customers who see the same mailers over and over again eventually tire of them and toss them into the trash without so much as a second look. Customers’ tastes, needs and expectations change quite rapidly as well. So, before tossing your direct mail campaign into the trash and trying a different marketing tactic altogether, ask yourself, has your campaign just gone stale? Perhaps it’s time to invest in new demographic research and a new design instead.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.