How To Promote Your Family Dealership & Compete With The Big Guys

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How To Promote Your Family Dealership & Compete With The Big Guys

If your car dealership is family owned, you may sometimes feel like it’s pointless to try and even beat the giant multi-owned conglomerate type dealerships in your area in your marketing efforts. That would be a big missed opportunity.

You see, while the behemoth car dealerships might have tons of money to spend on advertising and marketing and even automotive direct mail, no matter how splashy the direct mail design may seem and how flashy the television ads may come across with their graphics and paid spokespeople – no amount of money can buy the “mom and pop” appeal your smaller, more intimate dealership name yours has built in.

So, instead of being intimidated by the slick marketing methods of your mega-dealing competitors, why not spend your time selling all of the great things you have that they gave up when they consolidated and conglomerated?!

Sell your lower overhead – It’s as easy as sending out a direct mail piece that says, plain as day, “we can sell you a car at rock bottom prices because we don’t have the crazy company overhead of some of those oversized other guys”!

Capitalize on your connection to the community – You live and work and run your business in town – a town where you, your loved ones and your prospective and current customers live, work and do business too. So, talk about your company’s community involvement, your commitment to the community and the length of time you’ve been doing business there. This will speak volumes.

Make things even more personal – Because yours is a family run business, it wouldn’t seem odd at all to send out a more personalized company newsletter. You can mail them out quarterly with your direct mail pieces or email them. Send holiday cards too.

Be visible in the community – While some of the bigger auto groups might have the bucks to sponsor some of the area’s biggest events, that’s not to say your smaller auto dealership can’t sponsor a local little league or soccer tourney or a pageant or even a farmer’s market. There are plenty of opportunities to spread your marketing dollars into the community to make an impact and make yourself more visible in a meaningful and lucrative way.

Bottom line, be who you are and sell who you are. You might not be making tens of millions across tens of states every year, but you’re an important piece of the fabric of your community and with some automotive direct mail and other marketing modalities that speak to that fact, you can make it common knowledge in no time.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.