How To Increase Walk-In Traffic and Sales

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How To Increase Walk-In Traffic and Sales

Want more walk-in traffic? Great – we can help you create totally tantalizing direct mail marketing campaigns to do just that. Want more walk-in traffic to walk out with a new or used car? Well, that takes a little more on your part. Let’s chat about both for a moment.

To increase walk-in traffic…

Be open when your customer is available. Yes, you already know that means working most weekends and holidays, but have you also considered having extended hours on regular weekdays?

You can run promotions with direct mail coupons offering steep discounts to customers who choose to purchase a car before 9am, for example (or at least set foot in your showroom before 9am).

You can also offer longer service hours into certain evenings. Examine your sales and service records to see which days of the week might serve you best.

There’s an app for that. If your business is on Google maps, Google places, Yelp!, Foursquare and Facebook Places, when your prospect is out and about and ready to go shopping, the chances are all the better that they’ll see your dealership pop up as being nearby. If they don’t know about you already, this is a great opportunity to snag them.

To maximize walk-in sales…

Consider allocating salespeople to certain demographics and strengths. You know your sales staff. Some are great with everyone. Others are fantastic at selling to men. And, some really know how to sweet-talk the women. Consider suggesting to your sales team that they go after the walk-in targets according to their closing strengths.

Of course, if you think your entire sales force needs to be strong at targeting every demographic, perhaps now is the time to consider a bit of sales training to beef up their abilities.

Make sure your dealership is comfortable and inviting. Have water coolers placed conveniently. Make your coffee and snack bar prominent and accessible. Have comfortable seating and lighting that’s easy on the eyes everywhere – from sales bays to waiting areas. Make sure the bathrooms are well stocked and cleaned regularly. Have staff floating around, checking in with anyone and everyone that looks lost or unattended to. If a prospective customer senses that they’re being pampered or catered to, that translates to an overall feeling that this is how you do business long-term.

Consider an open floor plan. When customers can see everything and everyone – from sales to service – it makes them feel like you have nothing to hide. The less you do business “behind closed doors”, the better.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.