How To Ensure Your Service Department Is Ready For Direct Mail Impact

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How To Ensure Your Service Department Is Ready For Direct Mail Impact

Now that we’ve convinced you that you have to get the word out on your service department, there’s just one more critical step you’ll have to take – and that’s readying your service team and infrastructure for the influx of customers that’s to come.

For starters, if you’re having a trade-in blitz or new car sale, make sure your service department is equipped and manned to take on an at least 25% quick surge in traffic. They may just have to detail new cars or turn around used inventory for resale on the lot, but it will require extra manpower.

As for service sales specifically, if you’re sending out automotive direct mail offering discounts on winterizing services or summer road prep, you’ll need to make sure you have enough of the parts in stock that are generally associated with such service, as well as the staff on hand to manage the extra influx of work.

While you don’t want to pay your service team to sit around, don’t make the mistake of trying to ride the wave after the promotion goes out. If you send out a cleverly crafted piece of service department automotive direct mail advertising to a well-vetted list that’s been put together by a professional marketing team, you will have increased foot traffic, especially if you’re offering discounts on popular services like oil changes, tires, alignments, inspections and so on. Don’t be caught off guard. Customers looking for great service expect not to have to wait too long in order to get it. Chances are if you have to turn anyone away once, you’ll never see their faces or their business again – especially if they find good service elsewhere.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.