How To Create Mailers That Empower The Customer

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How To Create Mailers That Empower The Customer

How To Create Mailers That Empower The Customer

We spoke earlier this month about how empowering the customer in your direct mail campaign is a great way to overcome the “car salesman” stereotype. Today, we’re doing to delve into the topic a little bit deeper and share some more customer empowerment strategies.

Giving your customers a greater sense of control over the major financial decision that is purchasing, leasing or financing a car is paramount. That said, it’s not easily to give customers the reigns over some of the decisions and actions that are normally something that you as a business might control. In fact, give your customers too much control and they’ll walk all over you and trample your bottom line – not to mention, give them the perception that you’re desperate to make a sale. Give them too little power, however, and they’ll walk out of your salesroom and straight to the lot of someone more willing to “do business”.

So, how can you empower your customer without relinquishing all control? As we mentioned in our Fighting The Car Salesman Stereotype post earlier in the month, one of the easiest methods is to ask them for their opinions and expectations in a direct mail piece. Find out what drives their buying decisions and craft your next automotive direct mail campaigns to speak to them. You can also use social media and something as simple as a good old fashioned “suggestion box” in the center of your showroom to achieve that end. These efforts will give targets a greater sense that you’re listening to them.

Another great method of client empowerment – not to mention a great way to streamline a good portion of your day-to-day business – is to allow them to make some of the decisions (and perform the subsequent actions) for you. For example, instead of sending constant service reminder automotive mailers, you can empower your customer to subscribe to an automated email reminder service with an easy clickable link that will allow them to set up a service appointment at their convenience. This service is also easily promotable in direct mail pieces.

Finally, making your full staff available is a foolproof method of customer empowerment. Use your automotive mail marketing and other marketing modalities to promote your entire staff as being courteous, helpful and knowledgeable – and above all else, available. Make it known that they can contact anyone at your dealership for help on making purchasing decisions, service decisions or with any other questions or concerns they may have. Nothing is more empowering to a customer than that.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.