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Getting Guys Interested

Cars are already considered by many to be a “guy thing”. Guys have historically loved to tinker around with classic autos on a long summer afternoon, supping up the engine, changing the oil, waxing a pristine paint job…but not all cars are created equal and not all cars really seem geared toward the guys.

Of course, when you think of a manly vehicle, you probably think of a classic Cobra or GTO or something like a big quad cab truck with a Hemi. A compact or mid-sized sedan that gets great gas mileage or a minivan for carting the kids to soccer practice and Scouts? Not so much.

So, how can you try to target the whole household with your next print, broadcast or automotive direct mail marketing campaign? How can you make a smart buy a compelling one for the man with discerning tastes? Easy. By playing up the accessories.

Recently, Chrysler did a creative thing with their uber-sensible and popular Town and Country van line. They kept all of the things that the females in the household were historically drawn to – from the seating arrangement and storage options to its multiple safety features. Then, they gave the guys a little something too , including blacked out headlight bezels, a striking and sharp black grill, the option of black leather seats, BFG 17” wheels with black inserts and even more masculine black upgrades throughout its interior (though, not to be too sexist, since many women will appreciate these stylish new options).

You can easily follow Chrysler’s lead and play up some of the many customization options you have to offer – to men who are looking to personalize their automobiles. From new floor mats with their favorite sports team insignia or something more durable to an edgy new custom grill and even a new set of custom rims, there are so many ways to give a car a new personality and make it stand out from the crowd.

So, perhaps in your next direct mail campaign, you can speak to both decision makers in your target’s household – speak to the safety and sensibility features and to the customization options. This little bit of creativity could help lead to a sale – all by letting both customers envision themselves behind the wheel of the car you’re offering.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.