Email Marketing

End to end email marketing campaigns with a personal touch.

Email Campaigns

Over the years email has become less and less effective due to the overall volume of emails being sent to consumers on a daily basis. Think about it; how many emails do you read these days and how many do you simply delete before even opening them? An average consumer can receive over 100 emails per day and just under 50% of them will be spam. At Xcel, we recognize this problem and understand the solution. We target customers with a specific need and tailor a message to their needs. Taking a personalized approach to email marketing is proven to result in more opens, more clicks and more conversions.


Target Audience

Our data team can work with you to extract your customer’s email addresses from your CRM and DMS. We’ll then cleanse that data through our proprietary software. We can also work with our data providers to target conquest double opt-in email addresses in your market by vehicle type.



Email design is an essential piece of your overall email marketing strategy. Understanding subject lines and email layout is key. Also, we now know many of your customers are viewing your emails on their mobile devices. Designing your campaign to be responsive and look good on all your customers devices is a must.



Understanding the results from past campaigns and making adjustments is the key to even more successful email campaigns in the future. Every campaign we deploy is tracked through an easy to use dashboard that clearly displays your key metrics from each campaign.