Don’t Get Burned

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Don’t Get Burned

As part of my job I get to interact with a lot of dealers. You know what I hear all the time? “I’ve been burned by direct mail companies.” This happens a lot, but I believe Mail should be a part of your budget – period. So let me share three quick tips so you don’t get “burned”.

Number 1, Don’t just buy from anyone that walks through the door! There’s more direct mail “companies” than you can imagine. Do this, google the address on the business card that was left with you. If it’s someone’s house – DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Number 2, get a reference list. And IF you get the list – CALL THE REFERENCES! I can’t stress this enough!

Number 3, ask questions that DEMAND accountability –such as “is this piece compliant?”, “When will it be in homes?” Never shy away from demanding your mailing list on a spreadsheet. If your still worried about your companies accountability… Always get a postal receipt.

There are so many great direct mail companies out there that do an awesome job, BUT there are a lot more “mail guys” out there slingin’ mail from the trunks of their cars that need your check to pay their rent. Follow my tips and Don’t get BURNED!

Geoffrey Wise

Geoffrey Wise has created thousands of highly successful direct mail campaigns for dealerships across the nation. His ability to integrate traditional direct mail and today's technology has produced high quality leads and ultimately more sales for his dealer client's.