Digital Marketing

Engage your customers where they spend most of their time. Online.

Digital Marketing

You already know the statistics. Your customers are online.


They watch videos, talk to family, keep up with friends, read the news and they are absolutely going to be shopping for their next vehicle online. The question is when they start shopping how do you get their attention? Your manufacturer is probably trying to shove a basic “digital package” down your throat. However, at Xcel we will build your dealership a customized digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your needs and your market.


Display Advertising

Keep your dealership Top of Mind with future car buyers by staying in front of them on all the websites they use for news, sports, information and entertainment! Build brand awareness and target the car shoppers most likely to buy their next new car from your Dealership by keeping your ads in front of them day after day on the most popular websites on the internet!



You no longer have to guess who is in the market to buy a car. We’ll put your ad in front of the active car shopper at the exact moment they start looking for their next car. We can target your PMA and areas outside your PMA. We can even target shoppers standing on your competitor’s lot before they make a purchase!


Pre-Roll Video

Online Video is one of the fastest growing advertising opportunities available today. Deliver your video messages to consumers everywhere, on every device they use. Today’s car buyers are watching less television. They are watching more and more of their video content and TV shows online. Make an impression where it matters with online Video Pre-Roll.



Car buyers have officially moved to mobile devices for the majority of their information and entertainment consumption. If you want to talk to today’s car buyer, you’ll have to interact with them on their phones and tablets! Mobile campaigns ensure you are connecting with your future car buyer on the devices they use most often!


Site Retargeting

Staying in front of a car shopper today is critical to your success. Don’t let someone visit your website once and never see or hear from you again. With Site Retargeting, you stay in front of shoppers who have visited your website. Remind them of why YOU’RE the best dealership to buy from before they decide to go to your competitor!