Could Microsites Add More Bang to Your Direct Mail Buck?

Xcel Media GroupBlog Could Microsites Add More Bang to Your Direct Mail Buck?

Could Microsites Add More Bang to Your Direct Mail Buck?

You have a website. Who doesn’t these days? But…what about a microsite that singularly promotes the event or inventory you’re trying to get your customers excited about?

Wait, what’s a microsite, you ask? It’s another word for a landing page. Basically, it’s like an online billboard for whatever it is you’re trying to market. And, if it’s designed well, it can really ramp up your automotive direct mail campaign’s effectiveness and lead to more sales.

How? Well, a great microsite can get information about your buyer and figure out what makes them tick before trying to make a sale. That is, if you set it up as a sort of pre-registration site. Another great aspect of the microsite is that it’s sort of a prelude to the kiss, if you will – a way of generating interest and warming up the customer before they even meet your sales team. And, if that customer was driven to your lot by the microsite, they’re that much more likely to be ready to buy – or at least to hear your pitch.

Microsites can be set up to drive traffic to your store in a whole number of ways. You can have a link from your main site to the microsite that promotes the event you’re running, for example. You can load it up with keywords or register it for a set period of time with Google, so it shows up at the top of local search results based on specific search terms. You can drive traffic to it via your email lists and your social media sites. And, don’t forget to toss in a QR code and a link on all of your advertising efforts, including your automotive direct mail, to ensure more visitors hit that site before hitting up your event.

As for what to include in your microsite – be careful not to make it too redundant with your other efforts or it’ll quickly be ignored. It should have a clear call to action – like a pre-registration for your event or a financing application – and perhaps some more details you couldn’t fit in your ads or on your mailer. Paint a picture of your campaign and what they should expect from it – but don’t try to oversell it or seem desperate.

Finally, make sure to tell your sales team that you’re supporting their efforts with the microsite. The knowledge that they’re about to receive more credible and motivated leads will do great things for morale leading into your big event as well.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.