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What Is Your Dealership Retention Strategy?

When it comes to customer retention in the automotives industry, what is the right strategy? Is it about great customer service? Should it involve tailored and data-driven automotive direct mail campaigns? Message consistency? Engagement?   Of course, the answer is ’all of the above’.   But, above all else,...

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Using A Customer Database To Gain & Retain Customers

‘Big Data’. It’s a buzzword we in the automotive direct mail field toss around a lot these days, and likely one you’ve heard thrown at you whenever the conversation turns to marketing. But, Big Data isn’t merely a means of targeting customers more effectively with...

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5 Reasons To Choose Laminated Postcards

The pop-out card is a powerful automotive direct mail marketing tool. Why? We’re glad you asked! #1. Laminated Postcards Are More Powerful And Interactive Than Other Mailers. Bright, shiny, heavy, special. Laminate postcards for auto dealerships look and feel like a very large, very special and very...

Attract More Customers To YOUR President’s Day Sale

The President’s Day Sale/Blowout/Event/Extravaganza. Whatever you choose to call it at your dealership, prospect customers have come to expect it – and they expect you to pull out all of the stops to woo them to your lot. So, how can you make your President’s...


Valentine’s Day Promotions To Make Prospects Swoon

You don’t have to be a chocolatier or a flower shop to rake it in on Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are quite a few great automotive direct mail promotions that are perfectly suited to this ‘romantic’ holiday. Here are just a few: · ...

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Use Direct Mail To Start The New Year Right

Have you been using automotive direct mail for years? Is it getting sort of stale? Every year, with the same promotions, gimmicks, graphics and color schemes? It's time to get creative! Here are a few ideas to shake things up with your auto direct mail...


The Legwork Of Personalization – How It Works For You

Let’s face it – your targets know you’re trying to sell them on inventory and/or an idea whenever a piece of automotive direct mail lands in their mailbox. So, when it comes down to it, creating a really profitable and successful automotive direct mail promotion...


Seasonal Address Stress

With the holiday season in full swing, automotive direct mail for the New Year is just ramping up – but flying in the face of this big marketing push are the Snowbird and Seasonal Address issues that often render our mailers undeliverable. Some of our...


Operation Steer Clear – Are You FTC Compliant?

The Federal Trade Commission is ramping up its hunt for non-compliant dealerships trying to lure in unsuspecting customers with lies and empty promises. Now is the time to ask yourself: is your automotive direct mail campaign a little too heavy on the hyperbole? Do you...