Big Data + Buy Back Direct Mail – A Perfect Match

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Big Data + Buy Back Direct Mail – A Perfect Match

Being able to data mine specific information about target customers and use it to your advantage is one of the most exciting ways to turn the old-fashioned automotive direct mailer into a futuristic and highly effective sales tool. “Big Data”, as it’s commonly called in the marketing world, lets you tailor each pitch in an exciting number of ways – particularly when it comes to buy backs and trade-ins – and that means you’ll stand a much better chance of drawing the prospects and inventory you desire most.

Here are a few great examples of Big Data in action:

The Lower Your Monthly Payment Angle – Automotive direct mailers can provide specific offers for a new car buy or lease deal that lowers their monthly payment. Big Data can let you be super specific about the potential savings this sort of promotion could incur, such as “save up to $150 a month by trading in your 2012 CRV and leasing an all new Pilot!” These are especially useful mailers to dealerships who see a great demand for specific used inventory – because they can crunch the numbers and entice owners of that particular in-demand model with highly personalized pitches. These automotive direct mailers are also great for customers with less than pristine credit – since they might not be getting too many offers in the first place.

The Buy Back Mailer – This is another tried and true trade-in marketing approach that really gets ramped up with tailored customer data. Buy Back Mailers are best if they’re speaking to a certain make and model of car you want to draw back to your lot – and if they entice the targets with newer and better cars for the same and even less than what they’re currently shelling out every month. Buy Back Events add a ticking clock element to it – a sense of urgency that can help to drive sales.

The Trade Up Promotion – Humans are aspirational in nature. So, use your Big Data to find customers with base models and try to entice them to trade those in for a newer, more loaded model. Don’t be too over the top with this tactic, however. For example, most who drive an older two door Sentra aren’t necessarily the most likely candidates for a fully loaded Maxima Hybrid. That said, they may just be enticed to trade up to an Altima. Be realistic and this automotive direct mailer will definitely drive up traffic to your dealership.

The Desired Inventory Appeal – Your target has a used Civic. Used Civics like theirs are selling like hotcakes. You’d like to get them into a new Civic and sell their used model in one fell swoop. Well, why not tell them so? In fact, you can use Big Data to create a completely personalized automotive direct mailer with their exact make model and even color Civic on it – and entice them with a shiny, new, and fully loaded model as well.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.