Attract More Customers To YOUR President’s Day Sale

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Attract More Customers To YOUR President’s Day Sale

The President’s Day Sale/Blowout/Event/Extravaganza. Whatever you choose to call it at your dealership, prospect customers have come to expect it – and they expect you to pull out all of the stops to woo them to your lot. So, how can you make your President’s Day stand out from the inevitable competition?


Don’t Close Shop! Many banks and businesses close on President’s Day but you’d be wise not to. In fact, since so many businesses close their doors to honor the holiday, you should send out an automotive direct mail explicitly stating your holiday hours – not just weekend hours, your hours on the Monday holiday. And, make sure to tell them that you are able to conduct some financial business, even when the

banks are closed (so long as customers with outstanding leases and finance agreements bring a payoff statement from their financial institution).


Extend Service Hours. Since so many customers have the day off, this is an excellent opportunity to draw in more service customers. Send out a piece of automotive direct mail to your existing customer base that touts essential service deals to customers who want to “save some Presidents on President’s Day”. Just make sure your café or snack bar is fully stocked and that you have plenty of loaner vehicles on hand (if you offer them).


Unveil Your 2015 Lineup. President’s Day is also a great time to get the word out on the fleet of new 2015 vehicles that have just arrived. You could send an exclusive direct mail invitation to certain key customers, asking that they RSVP to see and test drive the models they’re most interested in learning about. Go The Extra Mile. Your manufacturer is going to be offering great incentives this weekend and blasting the airwaves with national offers. This is excellent for you, to be sure. But, what if you offered certain vehicle savings that ended above and beyond those manufacturer incentives? Whether it’s offering add-ons like extended service warranties or local financing deals, you’d be smart to make those incentives known in an automotive direct mail campaign that piggybacks on your manufacturer’s national ad blitz.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica has been working in the automotive marketing industry since 2005. She has helped dealerships all over the country develop effective marketing strategies to retain their current customers and generate new ones.