A Salesman’s Worst Nightmare

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A Salesman’s Worst Nightmare

A salesman buddy of mine called me last week in a panic. He told me how his GM just signed a contract for a staffed event. I want to share with you the same advice I gave him.

I mean, it sounds intimidating right? You’ve got an outside team coming in to take over your dealership. You’re automatically thinking “what I’m not good enough?”,“more guys to take my leads”, “they’re going to flood the floor”. It’s natural to have those thoughts, but I want to share a few quick tips that will turn what you thought was a negative into a big opportunity.

First, be positive. If the mail was done properly your about to get a bunch of floor traffic and you’ll have more opportunities than you’ve had for months.

Second, learn as much as you can. The good staffed event companies will send in some talented people. But, you’ll notice right away that there is one or two that are absolute professionals. You can learn valuable lessons from them that will benefit you long after they leave. So, make friends, take notes and absorb everything you can.

Lastly, the average staffed event is only five days long. Once the outside sales team leaves there will be a pile of underworked and missed leads. Gather up the guest sheets and start making phone calls. You can make a lot of money on these missed opporuntites!

So next time your GM signs up for a staffed event -GET EXCITED- and take advantage of all the opportunity that’s coming your way.

Geoffrey Wise

Geoffrey Wise has created thousands of highly successful direct mail campaigns for dealerships across the nation. His ability to integrate traditional direct mail and today's technology has produced high quality leads and ultimately more sales for his dealer client's.